Choosing a good softball equipment bag for adult is pretty easy. However, you have to pay extra attention when buying equipment bags for youth players. The list below will give you 5 suggestions of good Softball Equipment Bags for Youth for your reference if you are looking for new bags for your children.

softball equipment bag

Easton (E100T) Tote Bat Bag

The Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag is one of the most popular equipment bags for young softball players in the market. Regarding capacity, this bag’s compartments are big enough to store most of basic softball gears. If you have 2 fastpitch bats, gloves, helmet, cleats; don’t worry because all of them can be kept properly inside this bag. Besides, there is a separate pocket for other valuable belongings such as watches, phone… So this Easton E100T’s capacity can meet demand of most of softball players. Furthermore, you would also be surprised with the durability of E100T. The bag is made from so high quality fabric that it doesn’t show any sign of wear and tear after several softball seasons. Read More