Cliff View Golf is a family owned 9-holes course in Kingston Springs, Tennessee. We have one par 3, two par 5’s, and the rest par 4’s. In addition to the golf course there is a driving rangeand practice putting green. We have a pro shop that has items to fill all the basic golfing needs and a snack area with light snacks and drinks. The clubhouse is available for rent for weddings, parties, meetings, etc. We often have specials running so you will want to check back often to see what is new.

Please go to our rates and hours and directions and map page for further information.

As a family we are very concerned about the environment and know that golf courses are notorious for the chemicals they use. We use a minimal of chemicals and use organic products whenever possible. We have left many untouched greenspaces which makes a haven for the wildlife out in this area. We also adhear to the reduce, reuse, and recycle motto. We have recycling stations for the golfers aluminum, plastic bottles, glass, and cardboard. We recycle all office paper and ink cartridges. We use compact flourescents in our light fixtures and practice other conservation ideas to reduce heating and cooling. We also have 11 electric carts that were purchased in 2008 to reduce the amount of gas used.

Owner, Cat Carter’s, border collie “Abby” helps with task around the course. She greets customers, entertaines folks with her Frisbee catching, helps pick up ball on the driving range, chases off geese, etc.