Best Softball Equipment Bags for Youth

Choosing a good softball equipment bag for adult is pretty easy. However, you have to pay extra attention when buying equipment bags for youth players. The list below will give you 5 suggestions of good Softball Equipment Bags for Youth for your reference if you are looking for new bags for your children.

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Easton (E100T) Tote Bat Bag

The Easton E100T Tote Bat Bag is one of the most popular equipment bags for young softball players in the market. Regarding capacity, this bag’s compartments are big enough to store most of basic softball gears. If you have 2 fastpitch bats, gloves, helmet, cleats; don’t worry because all of them can be kept properly inside this bag. Besides, there is a separate pocket for other valuable belongings such as watches, phone… So this Easton E100T’s capacity can meet demand of most of softball players. Furthermore, you would also be surprised with the durability of E100T. The bag is made from so high quality fabric that it doesn’t show any sign of wear and tear after several softball seasons.

Wilson (D-Team) Wheeled Bat Bag

Besides Easton, Wilson is also a trust-worthy softball equipment bag brands. The Wilson D Team has amazing capacity which can hold up to 4 bats and other gears such as helmet, gloves, cleats. There is a seprate bag for your shoes, so that other gears are kept clean. You don’t have to worry about the weight of so many gears stored in the bag because its sturdy wheeled design will help you to move it around effortlessly. If you don’t like to pull the wheeled bag, the Wilson D Team could be easily converted to a shoulder strap bag. In addition, Wilson has combined water resistant material and abrasion resistant material to make the D Team Bag, so it has great durability.

Easton (E200p) Bat Pack

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Many softball players have chosen Easton E200P is the best equipment bag. At first, Easton E200P looks compact but its capacity won’t disappoint you. The bag is quite spacious and has many compartments to store different gears and personal belongings. However, the reason which makes this bag become many people’s favorite is its convenience. Bats could be put in and out the zippered bat sleeves. In addition, the frontal access makes it easy to put in and take out other equipment in the roomy compartment. Easton E200P is one of a few softball equipment bags in the market that has padded back and straps to bring great comfort to wearers. You are also satisfied with its longevity because it has sturdy design.

Easton (E900c) Wheeled Catchers Bag

Taking about softball equipment bags, 2017 is really the year of Easton. Most of Eason baseball/ softball equipment bags have receive numerous compliments from customers. Not only backpack, Easton wheeled bag like Easton (E900c) Wheeled Catchers Bag is also loved by softball players. The E900C is popular for its large capacity including a roomy compartment to store most of equipment and some separate pockets for accessories, belongings and drinks. While other bags in the market often receive complaint about low-quality zippers, Easton E900C has massive zipper which can be opened and closed without any difficulty. Lastly, the high quality polyester can ensure longevity of the bag.

Easton (Walk-Off) Bat Pack

If you are looking for a softball equipment bag that with great utility, Easton Walk-off is a right choice. Firstly, the dual zipper design is very convenient to use. Besides, a big helmet can be hung by the exclusive helmet holder, so you have more space in the main compartments for other gears. Your personal belongings have a dediced top pocket to store. In addition, there is a padded side compartment to store laptop, clothes… and a vented shoes compartment. So everything is kept properly, neatly and clean.

In conclusion, when it comes to softball equipment bags, Easton is a brand that never fails to satisfy you. If you are going to buy a new softball equipment bag for a young player, you can take a look at Easton products first. Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are other good bags such as Easton (E100) Bat Pack, Easton (E500C) Catchers Bag.

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